Norwegian CEO Believes Cruise Industry May Be Poised to Make a Big Comeback

As a fitting follow-up to yesterday’s blog about the uncertainty of the cruise industry’s future, today we will look at some potentially promising signs. While the industry continues to face significant challenges, including significant ongoing costs even as revenue is significantly down, some are pointing to positive signs and claiming that cruising is not dead. reports that Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Frank Del Rio believes his company is poised to make a big comeback. Acknowledging that cruising in the future will reflect changes resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, Del Rio nevertheless expresses the belief that cruising will not lose its party-like nature. “All the basic elements if cruising will always be there – the great value, the multiple destinations, the great dining,” he said.

Interestingly, Del Rio’s optimistic tone comes during the same week that the company announced that it may have trouble staying in business. But the company was able to secure $2.2 billion in capital the day after the announcement, suring up its balance sheet for the next 12 to 18 months. 

Though Del Rio is not ready to announce the date Norwegian will return to the sea, he did express confidence that the line’s customers are eager to return, even with the risks.

“Their way of life is not going to be changed from a virus. They survived just about everything life threw at them. They’re smart. They know what needs to be done to protect themselves. And they are confident we … are going to do everything humanly possible to keep them safe,” he said.