Norway to Investigate Disabled Cruise Ship That left Hundreds in Danger

Two days after the Viking Sky cruise ship became disabled off the coast of Norway, the ship is now back at port. Passengers who were aboard the ship during the ordeal are now recounting tales of terror, as the Norwegian government launches an investigation into what went wrong. 

Many passengers who were aboard the ship during its fated voyage say that they thought they were going to die as the ship lost propulsion in the rocky seas off the Norwegian coast. Terrifying videos have been posted online, which show people and furniture being tossed about as the ship’s authorities lost control of the vessel. 

Understandably, many of the ship’s passengers report that there was widespread panic aboard the ship as people feared for their lives. reports that 500 people were airlifted from the ship by helicopter, as the ship took on water.  

Norway is now launching an investigation into the incident. Among one of the primary questions is why the ship sailed into a storm in the first place.