News: 6 dead after car rear-ended on U.S. 441 in Delray Beach

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Posted: January 28, 2022

DELRAY BEACH, FL - Six people were killed when their car was struck by another vehicle in Delray Beach Thursday night, WPTV reports.

The accident happened in the 14000 block of U.S. 441 at about 11 p.m.  The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said a 17-year-old boy was driving a BMW M5 at a high rate of speed when he crashed into the back of a Nissan Rogue with six people inside.

The Rogue went into a median, rolled over, and ended up on its roof.  Five people in the Rogue were pronounced dead at the scene while the sixth was pronounced dead at Delray Medical Center.

The driver of the BMW, a Wellington resident, suffered minor injuries.  Investigators suspect the teenager was driving under the influence of "alcohol/drugs," according to the crash report.  But test results are pending as the sheriff's office continues to investigate the crash.

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