New Zealand Volcano Tragedy: Suing for Cruise Excursion Injury

Earlier this week a volcano erupted on an island belonging to New Zealand. Dozens of people were injured, many seriously, and five people were killed. In the aftermath of the tragedy, authorities announced that they had issued warnings in the weeks leading up to the eruption, indicating that the volcano’s activity had risen to dangerous levels. But despite the warning, Royal Caribbean continued to sail in the vicinity of the volcano and allow its passengers to go on excursion to the island, resulting in some of the company’s passengers suffering injuries when the volcano erupted. 

Many are now asking if Royal Carribean may be liable for the passengers’ injuries. Though passengers can win suits against cruise companies for injuries they suffer while on excursion, the suits can at times be more complicated than other cruise injury suits. This is because cruise excursion claims can involve the cruise companies and outside vendors, which may have also further subcontracted the work. Because of these potential complications, those who decide to sue for cruise excursion injury should work with an attorney who is well-versed in suing cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean has now announced that it would suspend tours of active volcanoes. 

As a CBS News report about the tragedy notes, this is not the only recent tragedy involving cruise passengers on excursion. In May six cruise passengers were killed in a plane collision in Alaska, and in December 2017 eight Americans were among the 12 people killed in Mexico when the bus in which they traveled was struck by a tractor-trailer. The travelers were on excursion from a Royal Caribbean cruise when the tragedy struck.