New York Man Indicted for Assaulting His Girlfriend Aboard Cruise Ship

A Queens, New York man was indicted in federal court last month, after he allegedly attempted to strangle and suffocate his girlfriend while on a cruise ship over the summer.

22-year-old Carlos Batista Jr. was taking a cruise to the Bahamas with his girlfriend in early September when, according to prosecutors, he assaulted her. Batista allegedly pulled the woman through the hallways of the ship while covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming. At one point the victim went limp from lack of oxygen, prosecutors allege.

After dragging the victim into his cabin, where he allegedly continued to assault her, fellow passengers came to her rescue and freed her. The five-minute-long assault ended with passengers interrupting Batista as he had his arm around the victim’s neck, prosecutors say.

According to ABC News Batista is facing one count of assault of a dating partner by strangling or suffocating.