NBC New Reports on Woman Whose Family is Suing Holland America for Lack of Medical Attention

Two days ago we covered the case of Lila Graciela Kohn Gale, who suffered a stroke while sailing with her husband and son aboard a Holland America cruise ship. After cruise authorities were notified of Gale’s medical emergency, the company failed to seek immediate medical attention for her, deciding not to call the Coast Guard or turning back to take her to a medical facility at South Florida. 

Instead, the ship continued toward its destination, the Bahamas, and eventually disembarked Gale to be treated at a medical facility there. The Bahamian facility that treated Gale was not equipped to treat her, and she was returned to the U.S. for treatment the following day.

As a result of the delays in treatment, Gale’s conditions worsened. She now required around the clock attention, a condition that her husband believes that may have been different if Holland America had acted with more urgency. 

Mr. Gale has now filed a lawsuit against Holland America, claiming that Mrs. Gale was left with “permanent, devastating physical, cognitive and neurological deficits” due to the delay in treatment.