Mother Calls for Changes after Son Dies Following Long 911 Response

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Posted: April 29, 2018

The mother of a man who died last week, after an unusually long 911 emergency response, is speaking out and calling for changes to the system.

Carol Wolff’s son Charlie Yaw died Friday, after suffering from a medical emergency involving his heart. As Wolff was performing CPR on Charlie relatives and neighbors called 911 for help. At the time the calls came in, the emergency response system was experiencing an outage, and the calls went unanswered. reports that Yaw’s loved ones placed the initial calls to 911 at about 11:00 am, and rescue officials did not even know of the outage until 12:05 pm.

"The only way I got through was -- thank God -- the woman over there with the fire department husband, and she called them and they finally got through. That was an hour after I was working on him," Wolff told

Officials with the Broward County 911 system say that it is too soon to determine if the outage contributed to Yaw’s death. Meanwhile, published reports indicate that the victim’s family plans to file suit against the county for negligence.