More Information About Carnival Cruise Passenger Who Died After Onboard Fall

USA Today reports that the Miami-Dade Police Department is currently investigating the death of a man who died while sailing aboard a Carnival cruise ship on Friday.

Yesterday we blogged about the victim, who fell aboard the Carnival Horizon cruise ship. Various published reports indicate that the victim apparently fell approximately four floors from a balcony to a lower deck.  He was attended to by the medical staff of the ship but later died from his injuries. 

There has been no indication as to what may have caused the man’s fall. 

Though dozens of passengers fall overboard from cruise ships every year, serious falls onboard the vessels are also all too common. Earlier this year an 18-month-old girl died after her grandfather accidentally dropped her from a window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. In 2017 an 8-year-old girl died after falling from an upper level to a lower level of a cruise ship as she and her family were disembarking.