Massive Rescue Effort Underway As Disabled Cruise Ship Battles High Waves and Winds in Norway

A massive rescue effort is underway after a cruise ship in Norway called authorities for help.

USA Today reports that the Viking Sky cruise ship ran into severe mechanical problems as it sailed off the coast of Norway. The ship was unable to return to shore, necessitating the rescue of the 1,300 passengers aboard. 

The ship is currently in a precarious position, anchored off shore and situated in waves as high as 26 feet and wind gusts up to 43 miles per hour. The adverse weather conditions are making the rescue efforts extremely difficult. As of the publication of its latest update, USA Today reports that just 100 people had been evacuated. 

At least one passenger aboard the ship reported that it was listing badly on its side. Video posted online seemed to show the ship being bashed about by the rocky sea, while another video seemed to show that the ship had taken on some water.

The Viking Sky is owned by Viking Ocean Cruises, which is the cruise ship arm of the Viking River Cruises company. 

The plight of the Viking Sky immediately reminded the travel industry of the 2012 sinking of the Costa Concordia, which left 32 people dead.