Man Arrested after Alleged Cruise Ship Sexual Assault

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a man has been arrested and charged for sexually assaulting a woman while aboard a cruise ship.

The alleged perpetrator is identified as 23-year-old Brian Holland from Jacksonville, Florida. The article says that Holland is charged with federal aggravated assault, after he allegedly sexually assaulted a developmentally challenged woman in the ship’s hot tub.

The article says that the 18-year-old victim told the FBI that the man began to touch her leg as the two sat in the hot tub on the Carnival Elation, and that she attempted to move his hand away. The victim says that Holland continued, entered his hand into her bathing suit, and penetrated her.

A medical examination after the alleged incident discovered abrasions on the victim’s genitals, the Sentinel reports.

Holland is currently in federal custody.