Investigators Find Troubling Shortcuts at Elevator Death Site

Several weeks ago we blogged about the death of an elevator technician in Aventura. Now, a report is indicating that following the technician’s death investigators found many violations. reports that the 28-year-old technician died on the job on October 12 while working in an elevator shaft at the Harbor Towers condominiums. Though authorities continue to investigate the worker’s death, they have released preliminary findings which they reportedly found troubling.

One of the findings concluded that an elevator pitstop switch did not work properly, and instead of relacing it a someone had rigged a bypass switch called a jumper. Using a jumper is a dangerous practice that Greg Levenson of International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 71 says is “not a matter of if, but when” a serious accident will occur.

Apparently, when a technician is working in an elevator shaft the technician will first disable the elevator with a switch. But a jumper could circumvent the off switch of the worker.

The investigation into the worker’s death continues. 

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