How Common Is Cruise Ship Sexual Assault?

Whenever we do a blog about cruise ship sexual assault, we like to remind the reader that, of all the crimes reported aboard cruise ships, sexual assault is the most commonly reported. We do this because it bears repeating, and because it is an astounding statistic. Every year passengers report more cruise ship sexual assaults than thefts, non-sexual assaults, and other crimes combined.

Just how common is cruise ship sexual assault?

For years the cruise industry was able to use antiquated maritime regulations to avoid reporting accurate crime stats. But changes to the regulations over the past 10 years have given the public a better idea of the prevalence of crimes aboard the vessels. While the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) often touts cruising as the safest form of travel, a claim the seems impossible to independently verify, the fact is that the cruise industry does have a very serious sexual assault problem on its hands.

Every year dozens of incidents of rape and sexual assault are reported. In 2018 alone the the U.S. Department of Transportation counted 82 reports of cruise ship sexual assault, and most of the victims are women and children. So, when CLIA says that cruising is safe, passengers should consider the source and base their determination on the facts.

Strong, dedicated cruise ship sexual assault attorneys

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