Gangway Problems Cause Slowed Embarkation for Carnival Dream Passengers

Only days after a Carnival cruise ship was suffered a delayed voyage due to engine problems, another ship’s embarkation and disembarkation has been affected by a damaged gangway. reports that a passenger gangway at the Port of Galveston has been damaged. The gangway is the primary way in which passengers enter and exit the ship, so its damaged state has resulted in significant inconvenience for passengers. Officials called in a specialist from Sweden to fix the gangway, but as of last report it continues to not function properly when used with the Carnival Dream cruise ship.

As a result of the issue Carnival has had to utilize a different gangway, the so-called deck 0 gangway. CruiseHive reports that this gangway is usually used for port of call entrance and exit from the ship. The use of the deck 0 gangway has caused the boarding process to be slower than normal.

As of now, there is no word as to when the issue will be fully resolved.