Florida Sees Rash of School Bus Crashes in April

Yesterday we blogged about a school bus crash that left 18 students hospitalized in West Palm  last week. This was just the most recent in a rash of school bus collisions across the state this month, which have left dozens injured and one person dead. 

On April 19 a 63-year-old Jacksonville woman was killed when she was involved in a collision with a school bus. Jacksonville.com reports that Brenda Snodgrass hit the back of a Duval County school bus as it was heading east on Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville.com reports that Snodgrass failed to stop at a red light and collided with the bus, her vehicle partially sliding under it. 

Snodgrass was transported to  Memorial Hospital and later pronounced dead. 

A child was injured in a collision involving a school bus in Sarasota on April 15. 

MySunCoast.com reports that a bus driver carrying students from The Suncoast School for Innovative Studies rear ended the car in front of the bus as that car’s driver was slowing down. 

The child was taken to the hospital on suspicion that the crash exacerbated an existing injury.

April has also seen school buses involved in crashes in Clay County and Pensacola