FIU Bridge Collapse 911 Emergency Calls Released

One week after the deadly FIU bridge collapse, authorities released the 911 emergency calls from the tragedy.

Six people were killed and many more injured when the newly erected bridge fell. The bridge was set to open next year and was to connect Florida International University with the town of Sweetwater. University officials boasted that the structure was the largest modular bridge in the country. This innovative construction technique allowed a large portion of the bridge to be constructed off-site, then positioned and attached later.

A report on the 911 calls covers peoples’ reactions to the collapse. One caller calmly told 911 personnel “The bridge just collapsed,” while other callers spoke Spanish, requiring translators.

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board have determined that the bridge collapsed while workers were tightening tension rods during a “stress test” procedure. Authorities involved in the construction and testing of the bridge still have not explained why the stress test was held during a busy time of day and without first having blocked off the road.