Father Files Suit for Failures During Stoneman Douglas Shooting

The father of a girl who was killed in the Stoneman Douglas shooting has filed suit, accusing the system of failures that led to his child’s death.

WSVN.com reports that Andrew Pollack recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against various defendants, including the gunman who perpetrated the shooting and the school resource officer who was present during the shooting, former Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Scot Peterson.

Peterson has been widely criticized for not having gone into the school during the shooting to try and stop the gunman during his rampage.

“He’s failed on a whole different level, because these are people he’s supposed, he’s supposed to love,” he said. “It takes cowardice to a whole new plane,” Pollack told WSVN.

Pollack says that he filed the suit in an attempt to seek justice for his daughter. “She’s telling me, ‘Daddy, you fight for me. You don’t quit,’” he said. “She’s helping me through this, and she’s telling me, ‘Daddy, go after these people. Go after these people that had this incompetence that led to me getting murdered that day,’” Pollack told the news outlet.