Diamond Princess Begins to Let Some Quarantined Passengers Leave the Ship

For the past several weeks cruise passengers aboard the Diamond Princess have been quarantined aboard the ship amid an outbreak of coronavirus. What started as 10 cases of the virus eventually grew to over 200. While the majority of the ship’s passengers will remain quarantined, Japanese officials are slowly beginning to allow some to disembark.

USAToday.com reports that Princess Cruises gave 22 passengers the option of disembarking on Friday, and 11 accepted. Another 200 were slated to be cleared for disembarkation as early as Friday night the report indicates. 

The Diamond Princess coronavirus outbreak has been a nightmare for passengers aboard the ship. Not only have they been denied exit from the ship, but they have effectively been kept in an environment rife with individuals sick with coronavirus.  

The original quarantine is set to extend through February 19, by which time the majority of the ship’s 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew who have tested negative for coronavirus should have had the opportunity to disembark. 

Published reports that the Diamond Princess coronavirus outbreak is the largest contagion of the virus outside mainland China.