Despite COVD-19 Pandemic Cruise Lawsuit Statute of Limitations Remain in Effect

The cruise industry largely shut down in March and April 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic began to ravage the world. Cruise ships were hit particularly hard in the early days of the pandemic, with thousands of cruise passengers falling ill and dozens dying.

Though the cruise industry has been largely sidelined in the months since the spring appearance of COVID-19, many aspects of cruise related law continue unabated. Particularly, the statute of limitations for those who have suffered cruise ship sexual assault or injury continues to tick.

For most cruise sexual assaults and injuries the statute of limitations is one year from the date of the incident. This means that if you were injured on a cruise ship on February 21, 2020, you would have until one year from that date – February 20, 2021 – to file suit. If you do not file your suit within the statute of limitations the court will likely reject it. 

Some people believe that because the coronavirus pandemic caused the country, including the courts, to shut down, the statute of limitations must have been extended. But this is not the case. The statute of limitations continues in force for cruise related lawsuits. As such, if you have a crusie related claim, do not hesitate to and ensure that your claim that is submitted on time. 

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