Death Aboard Princess Cruise Ship Investigated As Possible Murder

An American citizen died aboard a cruise ship yesterday, in an incident that authorities are saying may have been a murder.

USA Today reports that the woman died yesterday while sailing aboard a Princess Cruises ship, after falling from the upper deck of the ship and hitting a life boat. The report says that Aruba based news outlets indicate that the woman had been struggling with a man, who had been choking her, before her fall.

In a statement about the incident Princess confirmed that the woman died aboard the ship, but said that the cause of death “is not yet known at this time.”

The report also indicates that passengers reported seeing Aruban law enforcement and forensics officials board the ship after it arrived at port.  

There have been numerous high-profile cases of cruise ship murders in recent months and years. In August 2017 cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey was interviewed by CNN Headline News about a case in which a man was alleged to have killed his wife while sailing on an Alaskan cruise.