Cyclist Killed in Early Morning Miramar Collision

A man was killed while riding her bicycle this morning, after being struck by an SUV.

The collision occurred at about 4:30 am reports, when a man was riding his bicycle with his girlfriend in the vicinity of Southwest 184th Avenue near Southwest 25th Street in Miramar. The man was struck by a black Range Rover truck, leaving the vehicle with a severely dented hood.

The impact killed the man, Terrence Broussard, and left the woman unharmed. His girlfriend, Anna Zadow, said that she knew right away that the collision was serious. “Terrence flew by me and hit the ground, and I knew he was dead because of the way he landed,” she told

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Max Roberts, claims not to have seen Broussard in the moments leading up to the collision.