Crusi Ship Heart Attack Victim Awarded $2 million Verdict Against Norwegian

Several days ago we blogged about the $3.38 million dollar verdict the family of a cruise passenger was awarded after dying aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The man died of a after visiting the ship’s infirmary while suffering a heart attack and being sent back to his room. The ship’s medical staff apparently did not realize the seriousness of this condition.

Now, the Miami Herald is reporting that days before this verdict, Norwegian Cruise Line was hit with a $2 million dollar verdict for similar reasons.

The Herald reports on Andrew Ow Buland, who survived a heart attack aboard a Norwegian cruise ship in 2016, but suffered exacerbated damage due to medical malpractice by the ship’s medical staff. In the report the Herald states that “Ow Buland lawyers successfully argued that being kept on the ship until it docked in Miami two days after he went to the ship’s infirmary exacerbated the damage done to Ow Buland heart.” He was told by the ship’s staff that his heart attack was minor and that he should stay on the vessel until arrived to the U.S.

Upon arriving to Miami Ow Buland was rushed to Mount Sinai Medical center in cardiogenic shock. After extensive treatments Ow Buland was stabilized, but a jury found that his injuries deserved compensation of “84,000 for loss of past and future services, $800,000 for future medical expenses and $1.2 million for pain and suffering, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life.”