Cruise Ship Passenger Falls Several Stories from Ride to Ship Deck

NBC Chicago reports that in February, Casey Holladay was sailing aboard the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas when he went on the ship’s Skypad ride and suffered a horrible accident. 

Described as a “trampoline and bungee jump in one,” Holladay when on the ride and eventually found himself crashing down nearly 20 feet below when the ride’s safety measures failed. 

“I just felt the momentum release from my body that I wasn’t being held by anything anymore,” he told NBC, adding “When I hit all I really remember is the hit and the noise and the fear.”

The whole thing was caught in a video recording by his girlfriend. 

The crash was so severe that Holladay spent 9 days in the hospital, and had to use a wheelchair for some time following the accident. He has still not fully recovered from his injuries, telling NBC “I am fearful that I am not going to be able to enjoy the day-to-day like I’m used to.”

Holladay is now suing Royal Caribbean.