Cruise Ship Coronavirus Victim Reportedly Contracted The Virus Before Boarding

As the Grand Princess cruise ship sits off the coast of Califoria, its passegenrs are still unsure how long they will be held in a state of quasi-quarantine. The crisis was sparked when one of the ship’s passengers from the previous voyage died after leaving the ship. At first health authorities were unsure how the man may have contracted coronavirus, but now they believe that he contracted the virus in Califronia before boarding the ship.

Published reports indicate that the victim was ill before boarding the Grand Princess in February. “We think this case was community-acquired in California and brought onto the ship,” Carnival Corp. Chief Medical Officer Grand Tarling said. One of the difficulties determining how long the man may have had the virus before baording the ship comes from authorities’ differing opinions about the virus’s incubation period. For months health officials have been saying that it takes people up to 14 days to show symptoms, if ever. Now that contention is in doubt.

Additional testing of 45 of the Grand Princess‘ current passengers and crew members have turned up 21 positive results. In all, nearly 3,500 passengers and over 900 crew are currently aboard the ship.  

Those aboard the Grand Princess were originally to disembark from the ship Saturday. Now, they must wait aboard the ship, confined to their rooms in virtual quarantine. Vice President Pense has indicated that authorities will likely transport the vessel to a non-commercial port for further testing and quarantining of those on board.