Cruise Passengers Seek to File Class Action Lawsuit

Cruise ship passengers have suffered greatly during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Passengers from dozens of cruise ships have been affected as the vessels’ officials chose to sail during serious international contagion. Now some cruise passengers are attempting to launch a class-action lawsuit as a result of the cruise lines’ alleged negligence. reports that many of the passengers who sailed on the Costa Luminosa are now planning to file a class-action lawsuit against the cruise line, alleging it failed to take even basic measures to protect its guests. 

The report recounts the plight of passengers like Jenny Harrel, who was stuck on the ship as the virus raged. “Did they care? Did they come and say we needed to be separated? No.,” she said. “Did they try to protect anybody on the boat? No. What did they do? They put us on a plane from France all the way to the United States,” she told 

Now Luminosa passengers like Harrel are suing the company, and by default its parent company Carnival, accusing it of failing to protect passengers. 

Mike Petchenik of contacted Costa Cruise Line for comment but had not received a response as of the time of the article’s publishing.