Cruise Passenger Severely Injured in Fall Aboard Carnival Valor

A man was critically injured after he suffered a fall aboard a cruise ship yesterday. reports that the man was sailing on a 5-day itinerary to Cozumel, Mexico aboard the Carnival Valor cruise ship when he fell and sustained “multiple significant injuries.” The ship was off the coast of Louisiana when the man fell, reports the U.S. Coast Guard.   

After his fall the unidentified victim was initially treated by the Valor’s medical staff, but they determined that he needed additional treatment. The victim was then airlifted by the Coast Guard to University Medical Center in New Orleans in critical condition. 

The circumstances surrounding the victim’s fall were not clear. A Carnival spokesperson told People “We can confirm that the guest did not fall in the water but rather was injured on deck.”

This is not the first time this year that a cruise ship passenger was severely injured in a fall. In July, a toddler fell from the window of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to her death as the ship was docked in Puerto Rico. 

In March, a Royal Caribbean ship passenger was seriously injured on a cruise ship ride. 25-year-old Casey Holladay fell over 20 feet when the trampoline-like ride, called the Sky Pad, failed. Halladay sued the company for $10 million as a result of his injuries.