Cruise Line Industry Association Announces Another Postponement of Return To Operations reports that the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) has announced that its member companies will voluntarily spend cruise operations through the end of October. The previous voluntary suspension was set to extend through September 15. 

All of the world’s largest cruise lines are members of CLIA including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian. In all, CLIA’s membership includes 27 cruise lines.

In a statement, the organization said that though the decision was difficult to make and will have a significant impact on the cruise industry, the organization believes that “this proactive action further demonstrates the cruise industry’s commitment to public health and willingness to voluntarily suspend operations in the interest of public health and safety, as has occurred twice prior.”

The decision was perhaps influenced by the fact that in recent weeks several cruise lines have returned to service in Europe and the South Pacific and experienced cases of coronavirus. The most significant outbreak occurred aboard a cruise ship operating out of Norway, which saw dozens of passengers and crew contract the virus days and weeks.