Cruise Industry Woes Continue As Ship is Denied Entry into Cuba

The bad news keeps coming for the cruise industry this week, after a cruise ship was denied entry into Cuba today.


The ship, the Grand Classica, was denied entry into Cuba after sailing out of the Port of Palm Beach on its maiden voyage to the island. 

NBC News reports that many people aboard the voyage were visiting the country for the first time in decades, and were hoping to reunite with family members. 

A spokesperson for the company that operates the Grand Classica says that the company is unsure why the ship was denied. 

Instead of calling on Cuba, the Grand Classica stopped in the Bahamas instead. 

Earlier this week a cruise ship struck a mooring in Puerto Rico, after diverting to the island while suffering mechanical issues. And in another cruise related incident, passengers aboard a Carnival ship began to panic when a part of the ship began to fill with smoke. The company says no fire was found.