Cruise Industry Officials Applaud Rescue of Woman Who Fell from Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship

Cruise industry officials are applauding the rescue of a woman who fell from the Norwegian Epic cruise ship earlier this week.

The woman, who has still not been publicly identified, reportedly fell from the balcony of her stateroom on March 6th. Rescue workers from the ship reportedly responded to the emergency in less than an hour, pulling the woman from the waters off the coast of the Bahamas and to safety.

There was no indication as to whether or not Norwegian has deployed cutting edge man overboard technology, which can help alert cruise ship crew members as to when a passenger has fallen overboard, and even help locate where they entered the water. The cruise industry has been criticized for its slow implementation of the technology after it was mandated by the 2010 Cruise Ship Security and Safety Act.

The victim’s rescue was truly a rare even among those who go missing from cruise ships. The vast majority of those who fall from ocean going cruise ships and ferries are never heard from again.