Cruise Expert: This Is One Overlooked Danger Facing Cruise Ships

When most people board a cruise ship, their number one concern is finding some fun in the sun. While some passengers prepare for the inevitable rock of the ocean by stocking up on the motion sickness fighting medication Dramamine, travelers do not usually expect for cruise ships to be put into any serious danger by the ocean’s waves. But several scary events over the past 12 months have proven that cruise ships are very susceptible to the weather and the waves.

In his book, former cruise ship officer Jerry Herring claims that “rogue waves” are one of the most serious threats facing cruise ships.Herring told CBS News that these waves are “are loosely defined as open water waves that measure at least fifty feet from crest to trough.” A wave of this type hit the Norwegian Escape cruise ship in March. 

Herring says that massive rogue waves, which can measure up to 100 feet or more, are likely the cause of ships which go missing.