Court Records Show Collapsed Building Was Subject of 2015 Maintenance Lawsuit

Yesterday the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida partially collapsed. At least 4 people have been confirmed dead and by some estimates over 100 people are still missing. In the aftermath of the tragedy, rescue workers continue to look for survivors, even as information about a 2015 lawsuit relating to the maintenance of the building comes to life. reports that 6 years ago Matilde Fainstein filed suit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court against the building’s owners, alleging that they “failed to repair or negligently repaired the common elements and the outside walls of the building.” The provocation for the suit appears to have been cracks in the outer wall that allowed water to enter into Fainstein’s terrace and damage it. The report indicates that Fainstein’s 2015 complaint appears to allude to a previously filed complaint for which the building’s owners were found liable.

After the Champlain Towers’s Thursday morning collapse, authorities have been scrambling to determine what led to the tragedy.

A recent study apparently showed that the building has been sinking, but this is not believed to have been the sole cause of the collapse reports

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