Carnival Cruise Line Attempts to Explain Cozumel Cruise Ship Collision

Six Carnival Cruise Line passengers were injured when two of the company’s ships collided in Cozumel yesterday. In a letter to passengers, the company attempted to explain the incident.

According to, the letter apologized for the incident, in which the Carnival Glory struck the Carnival Legend cruise ship while maneuvering in the port of Cozumel, Mexico. The letter indicates that the collision may have been the result of  “spontaneous wind gusts and strong currents,” reports. 

In the letter, the Glory’s captain, Pero Grubjesic, addresses the ship’s passengers saying, “A formal investigation is underway to confirm the cause of the accident, which we believe was due to spontaneous wind gusts and strong currents. The ship has been inspected by the required authorities and there are no issues that impact our ability to sail safely back to New Orleans.”

Captain Grubjesic indicated that six people had sought treatment for injuries stemming from the collision. He also indicated that Carnival would credit $100 to the Sail & Sign accounts of every stateroom as compensation for the invonvenience.