Brightline Train Slams Into Car Carrying Mother and Daughter

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Posted: June 13, 2022

A Brightline train was involved in yet another collision Monday morning when a train struck a car carrying a mother and her child. reports that the crash occurred near Sheridan Street at the W. Dixie Hwy. crossover. The driver, Quindlyn Rogers, says that there was no warning that a train may have been coming. “Nobody gave me no indication, ‘Stop, ma’am. Don’t go…That track sign was not down,” she said.

The collision damaged the front of Rogers' vehicle, effectively taking off the entire front bumper.

Despite the damage to her vehicle, Rogers and her seven-year-old daughter were not hurt in the crash.

The collision is part of a pattern of crashes involving Brightline trains this year, with many of them being fatal or resulting in serious injury. 

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