Authorities Report Nearly 70 New Cases of Coronavirus aboard Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

It seems that every day authorities report new cases of coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. What originally started as 10 cases had ballooned to over 220 cases as of yesterday. Now, one passenger who disembarked from another cruise ship has tested positive for the virus. reports that authorities announced 67 new cases of coronavirus illness aboard the Diamond Princess as of yesterday. Princess Cruises, at the direction of Japan’s Health Ministry, has had the ship quarantined for nearly two weeks, only allowing a few dozen passengers off the ship. The quarantine is expected to last at least until February 19. reports that an 83-year-old American woman who had been aboard the MS Westerdam cruise ship has tested positive for coronavirus. The Westerdam made headlines after various countries denied it port due to fears that some of the passengers may have been carrying coronavirus. Officials in Cambodia eventually allowed the Westerdam to dock on Thursday after the ship was denied port by Japan, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines and Thailand, reports. 

The woman is now isolated a hospital and in stable condition. She is accompanied by her husband, who has tested negative for the virus.