Australian Police Investigating The Docking of the Ruby Princess

The cruise ship Ruby Princess currently docked off the coast of Sydney, Australia. It arrived on March 19 with about 2,700 passengers aboard the ship. At the time of its arrival, Australian authorities knew that the ship had sick passengers on board. According to, Those ill passengers turned into Australia’s highest concentration of COVID-19 positive people. 

11 of those passengers have died out of 342 confirmed cases of coronavirus aboard the ship.

Authorities are launching an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Ruby Princess’ docking and its passengers’ disembarking from the ship. “This is a complex issue and we will need information from many witnesses to answer all the questions about how this ship ended up docking last month,” said New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

The plight of the ship’s crew members is unclear. They have not all disembarked from the ship, and doubtlessly many of them were ill. Officials with Princess have not indicated how many crew members are sick, but did acknowledge that they “remain concerned that it is not safe for the ship to sail away from Australia while there are crew members on board who are ill.”