As FIU Bridge Collapse Victims Begin to File Lawsuits, Questions About the Bridge’s Collapse Remain Unanswered

After the tragic collapse of the bridge at Florida International University (FIU) last weekend several lawsuits have been announced, with more sure to follow.

The bridge collapse left six people dead and several more injured. Victims and their families were also left with many questions about the circumstances surrounding the structure’s failure, including:

  • A man working on the bridge called the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to report cracks in the structure days before its collapse. The call was not answered, and the man left a message. Why was the message not reviewed until after the tragedy?
  • What was the nature of the cracks and did the condition that caused the cracks contribute to the bridge’s collapse?
  • At the time of the bridge’s failure workers were tightening tension rods during a stress test procedure. Why was this test performed during the middle of a busy day?
  • Why wasn’t the road closed during the stress test?
  • Did the stress test contribute to the bridge’s collapse?
  • Did changes to the bridge’s design, which were ordered by FDOT, contribute to its eventual failure?

These are just a few of the many questions which have arisen in the immediate aftermath of the FIU bridge collapse. As investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board continue to investigate the structure’s collapse, it is likely that the answers will leave victims unsatisfied.