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Second Vehicle Crash in Two Days Involving Cruise Ship Travelers Leaves Dozens Injured

June 25, 2019

A day after several cruise ship passengers were injured in a van crash on the island of St. Maarten, another crash has left several cruise travelers injured in the Bahamas. 

Local reports that the crash occurred when a bus…

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How to Sue a Cruise Line

June 25, 2019

Miami Lawyer stands on deck overlooking cruise ship after accidentIt seems that cruise ship vacations are advertised everywhere, flooding our social media and television with images of smiling families, beaches, and fun excursions. Unfortunately, many cruise passengers are disappointed by the reality of these luxury ships and may even end up with illnesses or injury due to the conditions or lack of safety onboard. Severe injury, sickness, and even physical…

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Cruise Passengers Injured As Van Crashes into the Sea

June 24, 2019

Several cruise passengers were injured when the van in which they were riding plunged into the sea over the weekend. reports that the passengers were traveling on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas and had left the ship when it…

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How Often Do People Fall Overboard From Cruise Ships?

June 22, 2019

Yesterday news broke of a recent daring rescue of a cruise ship passenger who had fallen overboard from a cruise ship. Various media outlets are reporting that the woman was rescued by a crew member, saving her from almost certain doom. But those who are rescued after going overboard from a cruise ship are in the minority. Of the hundreds of people who were reported to have fallen from cruise ships over the past decade, only a handful have lived to tell the tale. 


So, why do people…

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Cruise Ship Crew Member Rescues Passenger Who Fell from Ship Sea

June 21, 2019

A woman was rescued from the sea by a cruise ship crew member after she reportedly jumped from a cruise ship on Monday. reports that the unidentified Irish woman was sailing aboard the MSC Seaview cruise ship in the area of Genoa, Italy when she went overboard. One of the ship’s crew members, an experienced sailor, jumped into the water after the woman “within minutes,” and was…

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Carnival Cancels Three Sailings of Vista Cruise Ship Due to Mechanical Issue

June 20, 2019

Carnival Cruise line has been forced to cancel three additional sailings as a result of issues affecting its carnival Vista cruise ship.

The company had already been forced to modify several sailings due to an issue which affects the ships maximum speed.
In a statement the company said “"The Carnival Vista has been experiencing an issue affecting its maximum cruising…

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Inquiry Finds that Cruise Ship Worker Was Crushed to Death by Window Washing Machine

June 19, 2019

A 57-year-old Pakistani man was killed while working aboard a cruise ship in 2018. An investigation to the man's death has now concluded that he was killed by a piece of heavy machinery which is used to clean the vessel’s windows.

Arshad Mehmood (left).

The BBC reports that 57-year-old Arshad Mehmood was working on the MV Azura cruise ship in July 2018 when he and a colleague were monitoring a window washing machine as…

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Air Force Major Identified As Man Who Died in Cruise Ship Pool

June 18, 2019

Yesterday we blogged about a man who was found dead in a cruise ship swimming pool in the early morning hours of June 14. Now, Various news outlets are reporting that the man was a major in the US Air Force.

Photo courtesy reports that the victim was 37-year-old Stephen Osakue, who worked for the Air Force as a research pharmacist based out of Columbus Air Force Base.…

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Man Drowns In Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

June 17, 2019

Various news outlets are reporting that a cruise ship passenger drowned in an onboard swimming pool in the early hours of June 14. reports that the man was found in the Neptune Pool aboard the Caribbean Princess cruise ship. Though the man’s identity has not been released, the report states that crew members recognized the victim as someone they had seen drinking…

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Carnival Vista Mechanical Issue to Affect Yet Another Itinerary

June 16, 2019

Earlier this week Carnival Cruise Line announced that the most recent voyage of the Carnival Vista cruise ship would arrive to port a day later than planned due to a mechanical issue. Now, the company is announcing that the issue will also affect the ship’s next planned sailing.

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