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Cruise Passenger Climbs on Outside Railing to Take Photo - Gets Banned for Life

October 20, 2019

Some may remember Nick Naydev, the 27-year-old man who jumped off the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas cruise ship as a prank earlier this year. Naydev and a friend recorded the stunt and posted online, resulting in both men being kicked off the ship and banned for life. Now, another passenger has met a similar fate after she went to dangerous lengths to take a photo. 

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Did the Disney Cruise Line Crew Member Have More Child Sex Assault Victims?

October 19, 2019

Last week the travel industry was rocked by the reported arrest of a former Disney Cruise Line worker who is accused of having sexually assaulted a child in his care. Considering that the suspected perpetrator, 25-year-old Oliver Lovatt, would presumably have had numerous children in his care over time, many are wondering if he may have abused others as well.

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Law 360 Article: Forced Arbitration in Autonomous Vehicle Suits Would Be Bad for Companies and Consumers

October 18, 2019

By now most people are probably aware that self-driving cars (HAVs) are slowly but surely taking to the roads. A recent Law 360 article says that since July, a company called Waymo LLC conducted over 6,200 passenger trips, traveling over 47,000 miles, in autonomous vehicles. Waymo is owned by Alphabet LLC, the same company that owns Google, and is joined by Tesla, Uber, and Lyft in the attempt to bring autonomous vehicles to the road. 

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That Time Disney Cruise Line Covered for a Crew Member Who Had Sexually Assaulted a Young Girl

October 17, 2019

If you want to take a cruise with children, chances are your number one choice would be a Disney cruise. Most kids know the Disney characters, and would be thrilled to see them come to life while sailing the high seas. This is why it is so disturbing that a former Disney Cruise Line crew member was recently arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a child who was under his care while aboard the ship. You could be forgiven if you assumed that this is a one-off situation, and that these kinds of situations simply do not happen aboard Disney ships. On the contrary, there is even…

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Victims’ Advocates Continue to Call for Change to Florida’s Medical Malpractice Compensation Law

October 16, 2019

Every year the state of Florida sees thousands of operations and other medical procedures and services performed within its borders. Usually, everything goes well. But when medical professionals make a mistake, people’s lives can be put in jeopardy. The state’s medical malpractice laws allow for the loved ones of those who have died due to medical malpractice to sue for compensation. But a loophole in the law effectively prevents recovery for the medical malpractice related deaths of single adults with no minor children.

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What Is Included In A Free Consultation?

October 15, 2019

In a free consultation with Hickey Law Firm, P.A. we focus on asking the right questions which will help us determine some of the more important aspects of your case including:

  • Whether there is fault, and if so who is responsible
  • Whether we can prove that the other party is at fault
  • Whether you have the type of injuries which may justify a claim
  • How much your case may be worth

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Cruise Ship Passenger Reported Dead After Falling Overboard

October 14, 2019

A cruise ship passenger was pronounced dead last week after falling overboard from the ship on which she was traveling. reports that the 75-year-old female victim was sailing aboard the Costa Pacifica cruise ship when she supposedly jumped overboard voluntarily at about 10:45pm on Thursday. The report cites a witness who claims to have seen someone "…

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What is Included in A Free Consultation?

October 14, 2019

At Hickey Law Firm, we offer free consultations. Your initial consultation involves many, many questions so we can determine whether the other person or company is at fault and the extent of your injuries. We work on a contingency fee, so you don’t pay unless we recover a settlement or successful verdict

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Huntsville Officer Fell Approximately 16 Feet Aboard Carnival Valor

October 13, 2019 is reporting more information about the Huntsville, Alabama police officer who fell and injured himself aboard a cruise ship last week.

23-year-old John Holliday was sailing aboard the Carnival Valor…

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Talk of Mutiny As Cruise Passengers Protest NCL Itinerary Changes

October 12, 2019

As cruise passengers set sail on a two week itinerary aboard the Norwegian Spirit last week, few could have predicted what would happen. Many of the travelers had booked the cruise expecting to visit Iceland and other European destinations. But that stop was cancelled, causing tension to rise. MSN Lifestyle News reports that days later as passengers prepared to dock at Scotland, officials aboard the Spirit announced that that stop, too, would be cancelled. Fed up, passengers began to riot.

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