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Royal Princess Cruise Ship Returns to U.S. As FBI Investigates Mysterious Death

November 17, 2018

The Royal Princess cruise ship returned to Port Everglades today, amid speculation surrounding the circumstances leading to the death of one of the ship’s passengers.

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Suing Cruise Lines for Cruise Excursion Injuries and Death

November 16, 2018

Earlier this year a tour boat sank off the coast of Mexico. The boat was carrying passengers from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship on a diving excursion, and the sinking put the 10 travelers aboard the boat in mortal jeopardy. Thankfully, everyone survived.

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FBI Now Involved in Investigation of Cruise Ship Death

November 15, 2018

The FBI is now involved in the investigation surrounding the death of a U.S. citizen, which occurred aboard a cruise ship earlier this week.

The 52-year-old unidentified woman was sailing on a…

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Death Aboard Princess Cruise Ship Investigated As Possible Murder

November 14, 2018

An American citizen died aboard a cruise ship yesterday, in an incident that authorities are saying may have been a murder.

USA Today reports that the woman died yesterday while sailing aboard…

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Woman Dies After Falling Overboard During Cruise Ship Vacation

November 13, 2018

The report indicates that the 70-year-old woman fell from a Holland America cruise ship on November 7th as it sailed din the vicinity of Avatiu, Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands.  Though passengers who fall overboard are usually never seen or heard from again, in this case the woman was pulled from the sea alive. She was reportedly conscious when she was rescued.

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Royal Caribbean Crew Member Sues for Rape and Company Mistreatment

November 12, 2018

Earlier this year a former Royal Caribbean employee filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that she had been raped and mistreated while working aboard one of the company’s ships.

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Armed Guards Kick Pregnant Woman Off Disney Cruise

November 11, 2018

Earlier this year a pregnant woman was forcibly removed from a Disney cruise, sparking outrage among many in the travel industry.

Missouri resident Emily Jackson…

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Cruise Ship Sexual Assault - The Most Commonly Reported Cruise Ship Crime

November 10, 2018

Cruise ship sexual assault is the most reported cruise ship crime, coming in above theft and other forms of assault.  The most common victims of cruise ship sexual assault are women and children, and the most common perpetrators are cruise ship crew members.

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South Carolina Family Tells of Fear When Carnival Sunshine Listed

November 09, 2018

South Carolina resident Stephanie Manning and her family were aboard the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship when it suddenly tilted on its side late last month. She recently told her story to News Channel 2.

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-Video- Wild Cruise Brawl Spanning Several Days Ruins Cruise

November 08, 2018

Earlier this year cruise passengers were horrified as dozens of passengers engaged in raging brawls over several days.

CBS News reports that members of a family…

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