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Coast Guard Medically Evacuates Unconscious Man from Cruise Ship

March 21, 2019

Published reports indicate that a man was medically evacuated from a cruise ship, after being found unconscious while sailing on the vessel earlier this week.

The 52-year-old man was  about halfway through a 32-day itinerary aboard the MSC Divina when he was found unresponsive as the ship…

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Cruise Companies Taking Increasing Risks With Ever More Dangerous Rides

March 20, 2019

Yesterday we blogged about a 25-year-old Casey Holladay, who is suing Royal Caribbean after suffering a serious injury while using one of the company’s rides aboard a cruise ship earlier this year. Holladay’s plight may be the result of cruise lines’ pushing the envelope when designing ship attractions.

Cruise companies have equipped ships with rides such as enormous water slides, a go kart track, and even a roller coaster. The ride that injured Holladay, the SkyPad, is billed as a mix between a bungee and a…

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Supreme Court Maritime Case Decision

March 20, 2019

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) yesterday delivered a significant 6 to 3 opinion which recognizes a middle ground in terms of the circumstances under which a manufacturer of a product which is later outfitted with a dangerous or defective add on part can be held liable for not warning about the dangers of that add on part.  In the case of Air & Liquid Systems Corp v. DeVries, the Defendant made certain machines for ships.  Asbestos was added to the machines sometimes by…

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Cruise Ship Passenger Falls Several Stories from Ride to Ship Deck

March 19, 2019

NBC Chicago reports that in February, Casey Holladay was sailing aboard the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas when he went on the ship’s Skypad ride and suffered a horrible accident. 

Described as a “trampoline and bungee jump in one,” Holladay when on the ride and eventually found himself crashing down nearly 20 feet below when the ride’s safety measures failed. 

"I just felt the momentum release from my body that I wasn’t being held by anything anymore," he…

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Cruise Lines Struggle with Sexual Assault Problem

March 18, 2019

Most cruise ship passengers are unaware of the fact that cruise lines have a relatively high incidence of sexual assault, when compared to the ships’ rates of most other crimes. Put simply, cruise ships suffer more sexual assault and rape than most other forms of crime combined. 

Recent data shows that the demographics most commonly victimized aboard cruise ships are women and children. 

Though recent data shows an increase in the percentage of…

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Woman Set to be the First to Captain a New Cruise Ship

March 17, 2019 is reporting that, for the first time in maritime history, a woman is set to be the captain of a new cruise ship.

There are already several woman cruise ship captains across the globe. But, until now, a woman has never been selected to captain a brand new ship.

45 year old Serena Melani, of Liborno, Italy, wil  pilot the Seven Seas…

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Uniformed Carnival Cruise Lines Officers Caught on Tape Making Out with Passengers

March 16, 2019

In 2014 cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey was interviewed by INSIDE Edition relating to a client, who had been violently sexually assaulted while sailing aboard a cruise ship.

The woman, identified in the report only as Tristan, was sexually assaulted by two cruise ship employees while she sailed aboard a Carnival cruise ship. The crew members held her down in their cabin and violently raped her multiple times.

The report cites the fact that, according to court…

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Additional Video From Inside Norwegian Escape As It Was Struck by Wind

March 15, 2019

Last week, several cruise ship passengers were injured when the Norwegian Escape was struck by a powerful gust of wind while sailing through a storm off the Delmarva coast. 

CBS News reported on the situation, publishing startling video which shows furniture sliding around the ship as the vessel tilts violently in the wind. The report also features images showing overturned chairs, and quotes a…

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Why You Should Hire an Attorney & Not Deal with Your Case Alone

March 14, 2019

In this video cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey discusses why you should hire an attorney to handle your case and not try to handle it alone.

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How Do Cruise Lines Handle Illness Outbreaks?

March 13, 2019

Every year thousands of cruise ship passengers are sickened by illness outbreaks. The most common illness affecting cruisers is norovirus, which can cause vomiting, extreme nausea, and diarrhea. Because these illnesses can spread so quickly, cruise officials must act quickly to prevent contagion. 

Today the British website ran an article in which a cruise ship doctor discussed “the drastic…

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