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Miami injury lawyer Jack Hickey has written multiple articles about personal injury law and constitutional law during his long career, and his cases have often been highlighted in the local media. We have compiled some of his articles here, as well as articles about Hickey Law Firm, P.A.’s cases and practice areas.

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  • Panel Member: AAJ panel for St. Thomas University School of Law Students (March 16, 2016)
  • Author and Presenter: “Violent Crime on Cruise Ships” a paper for The National Crime Victims Bar … Read Full Post
  • Author: “Cruise Ship Accidents: What are the rights of the passenger” The New York Bar Association’s Senior Lawyer Magazine (2014)
  • Author: “Tour Operator Liability” American Bar Association (2014)
  • Panel Member: Dade County Bar Association Bench and Bar Conference (February 2013)
  • Author: “Injuries on Deck” article published in American Association for Justice’s Trial Magazine (August 2012)
  • Speaker: “Practicing with Professionalism” seminar hosted by the Young Lawyers Division of The Florida Bar in Miami (April 2012)
  • Author: “Predictable Defenses in a TBI Case” paper prepared for American Association for Justice Litigating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI… Read Full Post
  • Author: “Cruise Ship Slip and Falls: A Primer” paper for the American Association for Justice Winter Convention in Miami (… Read Full Post
  • “Intense,” “determined to win,” and “engaging” are words other lawyers use to describe John H. “Jack” Hickey. Hickey was born and raised in Miami. He went to Miami Palmetto Senior High School and graduated from Florida State University and from Duke Law School. Hickey began his career on the “… Read Full Post
  • Author and Presenter: “Violent Crime on Cruise Ships” a paper for The National Crime Victims Bar Association Conference in Miami, FL (September 17, 2014)
  • Author and Presenter: “Why the Corporate Representative May be the Most Neglected Key Witness…and how they can Make your Commercial Motor Vehicle Case” presented at the American Association for Justice annual convention in Baltimore, Maryland (July 2014)
  • Author and Presenter:“Use of Corporate Representative Depositions in Maritime Cases” to be presented at the American Association for Justice annual Convention in Baltimore, Maryland (2014)
  • Author: “Cruise Ship Accidents: What are the rights of the passenger” The New York Bar Association’s Senior Lawyer Magazine (2014) Is this PDF article:  No
  • Speaker: Panel for the Torts and Insurance Practice Section of the American Bar Association in Boca Raton, Florida (2014) PRESS RELEASE John H (Jack) Hickey spoke on a panel at and prepared a paper for the Torts and Insurance Practice Section meeting of the ABA in Boca Raton on May 16, 2014. … Read Full Post
  • Author: “Tour Operator Liability” American Bar Association (2014)
  • A. The Basics. The Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) is a federal statute which is found at 46 U.S.C. §§ 30301-30308.  You may see references in cases to another section, 46 U.S.C. §§ 761 et seq. because DOHSA was renumbered in 2006. DOHSA is only one piece of the larger puzzle of the law of… Read Full Post
  • Miami injury attorney John H. (Jack) Hickey obtained a $2.59 million verdict on behalf of Brazilian lawyer Alexandre Husni against the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. In 2003, Mr. Husni was pinned between his… Read Full Post
  • In 1999, CPA Nancy Goodfellow and her family were dining at the Roadhouse Grill in Kendall when Nancy’s hand went through a hole in her booth. The damaged booth tore the main ligament in her hand, requiring multiple surgeries to repair.… Read Full Post
  • Miami injury lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey obtained a $1.7 million jury verdict against the Roadhouse Grill after a faulty booth in the restaurant seriously injured his client, Nancy Goodfellow. Ms.… Read Full Post
  • Thank you Chief Judge Schwartz. May it please the Court. Distinguished members of the Bench, Distinguished members of the Bar, newly admitted members, family and friends. On behalf of the more than 4,500 men and women of the Dade County Bar Association, I welcome you to the profession. But first,… Read Full Post
  • Slip And Fall Cases: Alternative Theories Of Liability Or Using The Negligent Method Of Operation And Negligent Maintenance Theories This article will provide a brief outline of “alternative” theories of liability in a slip and fall case. The law on the defendant’s liability in a slip and fall… Read Full Post
  • Paper prepared for the Admiralty Law Section lecture on Sunday, July 21, 2002 at the 2002 ATLA Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia by John H. (Jack) Hickey. This paper will discuss recent… Read Full Post
  • Two months ago in this column, I wrote about the death of Gregory Peck. I wrote that we should hope that the spirit of Atticus Finch, the Southern lawyer played by Peck in “To Kill A Mockingbird”, lives on. It does. That spirit was alive and well in giants in our community who recently have passed… Read Full Post
  • America is the land of contradiction. For example, we are the most health conscious nation on earth. “Natural” and “organic” grocery stores are sprouting up (pun intended) like weeds on a lawn in August. Infomercials tout a new exercise device every week. Yet, we are a nation with more obese people… Read Full Post
  • Every generation has its value system shaped by some significant event. The World War II generation, called “The Greatest Generation” by Tom Brochaw in his book of the same name, had World War II. The next generation, The Baby Boomers had Vietnam and the influences leading up to the Vietnam War… Read Full Post
  • President Bush, in marking the 40th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, said: John F. Kennedy has been gone nearly as long as he lived, yet the memory of him still brings pride to your nation, and a feeling of loss that defies the passing of years. We remember a man who welcomed… Read Full Post