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Thursday, November 27, 2014

After serving as an attorney for cruise ship lines and their insurance companies for nearly 20 years, our Miami cruise ship assault attorney, Jack Hickey, has the insider knowledge that can help win your case. There are multiple rules that must be considered when filing a cruise ship accident or assault lawsuit, including knowing where to file your suit. Cruise ships require that you file your lawsuit in the state that is on your ticket, which means you may live in one state, but need to file your lawsuit with a Florida...

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Offensive allegations have been disturbing one of American television’s most iconic father figures, Bill Cosby. For about 9 years, Cosby has been accused of sexual assaulting women who have been victims of his abuse.

Cosby has repeatedly denied the allegations and has never been prosecuted.

Since 2005, a handful of women had made the claims against the prominent comedian. This year, those accusations resurfaced have a seemingly harmless post about the accusations was posted on Cosby’s Twitter page.

In lieu of the hype, one of his accusers Barbra Bowman spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon. Bowman...

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

While a cruise may seem like a wonderful and relaxing time for you and your family, there are, sadly, multiple opportunities for an accident or even an assault to occur. Because of the amount of people that can travel on most cruise ships (usually in the low thousands), they become more like a floating city than a glamorous break from reality. Just as within any city, there is a combination of people that are harmless and people that will hurt or take advantage of others.

There are opportunities for injury everywhere when aboard a moving ship that is at the mercy...

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Monday, November 17, 2014


A Court of Appeal in the United States has just issued a ruling which may have a dramatic change on the rights of cruise passengers.

The cruise industry is a major industry with more than 16 million passengers throughout the world in 2011 and is expected to grow even faster due to an aging population, and the increase in the middle class, especially overseas.

But when passengers set out on a cruise, many have no idea that they are about to give up the rights they have while on American soil. Once at sea, any crimes which take place in international waters fall under the...

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on Sunday the Crown Princess Cruise ship docked in California carrying dozens of sick passengers.

On board were 172 people who had fallen ill with norovirus, the highly contagious disease which produces symptoms such as vomiting, fever and diarrhea.
The Crown Princess was on a month long journey with more than 4,100 people on board, and just a few days into the journey from Los Angeles to Hawaii and then Tahiti, some of the passengers began to exhibit symptoms of norovirus. Those who were ill, both passengers and crew, were treated...

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Friday, November 14, 2014

According to an inquest, 49 year old Paul O’Brian from Dublin took his own life. His schoolgirl daughter fell to her death from a cruise ship nearly nine years ago.

He was found at his factory on July 8 last year, by another daughter, Kelley, who ran for help but he was pronounced dead when he arrived at hospital.

O’Brien was the father of 15 year old Lynsey who was on a family holiday in January 2006 when she fell from the Costa Magica Caribbean cruise ship which sailed out of Fort Lauderdale.  

Her parents were eating dinner with friends and did not know she was at the bar with a friend...

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Carnival Magic cruise ship was cruising in the Caribbean on October 17, when it was discovered that an employee from Texas Presbyterian hospital was on board, and she may have handled laboratory samples from a patient who might have had the Ebola virus. The U.S. Coast Guard then sent a helicopter to the ship to take blood samples from the employee who was subsequently confined to her cabin. On hearing the news, the Mexican authorities refused to allow the ship to dock in Cozumel.

Interestingly, it appears there was no panic on board among the passengers although some were concerned that family...

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In Galveston, Texas, a Kansas National Guard member, Paul Francis Grimm, age 43, has pleaded guilty to transporting a minor across state lines for the purposes of having sex. He will be sentenced in January.

Grimm flew a girl, under the age of 18, from her home in Ohio to Houston in order to take her on a Carnival Cruise Ship in March and had sexual relations with her on board the ship. Grimm’s daughter was friends with the girl and they were the same age. He told the mother of the girl that his children would also be on the cruise, but he did not take them.

At the end of the cruise, U.S....

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crown Princess, owned by Princess Cruises, was due to sail from Los Angeles on November 15. However, she should have arrived in port the same day, but will now arrive a day later than scheduled, on November 16, due to an emergency medical situation at sea.

The ship had left Papeete, in Tahiti, when one of the crew suffered a medical emergency which was sufficiently serious that they needed to be taken ashore. However, the normal options such as help from the Coast Guard or other cruise ships in the area were not possible, due to the ship’s position, so it diverted to the nearest island where there were...

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Today, the 11th Circuit Court of appeals finally decided that a cruise passenger can sue the cruise line for medical negligence. In the case of Franza (as personal representative of the estate of Pasquale Vagiolio) v. Royal Carribean Cruises, Ltd., the court reversed a dismissal complaint based on the medical negligence of the ship’s staff toward its elderly passenger, Pasquale Vagilio. Vagilio suffered an injury in after falling on the cruise line.

According to the Plaintiff’s complaint, the negligence of the ship’s doctor and staff caused the death of the passenger. The passenger’...

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