Yet Another Cruise Ship Detained Due to Coronavirus Scare

A day after we blogged that authorities have quarantined a cruise ship after 10 people from the ship tested positive for coronavirus, major news outlets are reporting that authorities have detained yet another ship.  

The first ship reported quarantined, the Diamond Princess, is just days into a two-week detention which will see passengers and crew held aboard the ship and unable to leave. reports that now Hong Kong authorities have announced that they are detaining the World Dream cruise ship to test approximately 1,800 passengers for the virus after three passengers who had been on the ship between January 19 and 24 later tested positive.

Perhaps most alarming about the coronavirus contagion on cruise ships is that many, if not all, of the victims show little to no symptoms of having contracted the illness while sailing aboard the ships. For instance, the first passenger to contract the virus and board the Diamond Princess reportedly never sought treatment at the ship’s medical center.