Woman Loses Legs After SUV Crashes Into Her During Outdoor Dining

The extent of a Hollywood crash is now clearer after authorities updated the public as to the condition of the victims.

Local10.com reports that on Tuesday night patrons of The Bang Shack were eating outside the restaurant when an SUV slammed into them. The crash severely injured at least one of the three victims, pinning her between the SUV and a palm tree. A friend of the victim says that she is currently in a coma and unaware that doctors had to amputate her legs.

The witness, Rosemary Villaram, is a friend of the victim who was most seriously hurt in the crash. Villaram told Local10.com that her friend was “under the car” as Villaram was trying to help her up.

An officer said that the driver of the SUV turned on 20th Avenue and noticed that a fire truck was parked there. The driver attempted to steer around the fire truck but instead overcompensated, ran up on the curb, and struck victims.

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