Wiegands Dispute Video Apparently Showing Salvatore Anello Leaning from Window

Late last week, someone released a video that purported to show the moments leading up to the death of Chloe Wiegand. The video appeared to show Chloe’s grandfather, Salvatore Anello, leaning his torso out of an 11th-floor window just before lifting her up to it. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line cited the video as part of its defense against a lawsuit Chloe’s family levied against it in the aftermath of her death. Now the Wiegands are disputing the cruise company’s interpretation of the video.  

WTHR.com reports that the Wiegands have said that it would have been “physically impossible” for Anello to have leaned out of the window. They claim Royal Caribbean released a video that was purposefully deceptive in order to help bolster the company’s defense against the lawsuit. 

Salvatore Anello was prosecuted by the authorities in Puerto Rico, where the incident occurred.