Why Would Cruise Passengers Refuse Coronavirus Tests?

Earlier this month cruise passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship became virtually quarantined aboard the ship off the coast of Northern California. The Grand Princess was carrying approximately 3.500 passengers, all of whom authorities eventually evacuated from the vessel. Though the passengers are aware that some of their fellow travelers previously tested positive for the virus, news reports indicate that many of them are refusing to submit to tests for the virus.

21 passengers and 19 crew members tested positive, among the 45 people who were initially tested aboard the ship. 

The NYPost.com reports that authorities transported a large group of the passengers to Travis Air Force Base and quarantined them there. That quarantine is still underway. The reports says that two out of every three of those quarantined are refusing to take the test in hopes that this will help them go home faster. Those who are asymptomatic don’t want to take the test only to later find out they have coronavirus and be forced to stay.

Dr. Alok Patel is helping to oversee the base’s quarantined population and expressed just how difficult it is to determine who is sick without the benefit of the tests. “And this is really tricky because we’re still trying to figure out how long these asymptomatic people could still spread the infection,” he said.