Why Did a Child Mysteriously Die Aboard a Cruise Ship Earlier This Week? MSC Cruises Refuses to Say

Several days after a young cruise ship passenger mysteriously died while sailing on an MSC cruise itinerary in Italy, authorities have yet to fully disclose the illness that killed the boy. 

The 12-year-old child became ill while sailing in Italy aboard the MSC Divina. MSC spokesperson Robin Roothans indicated that the family sought medical treatment with the ship’s medical crew after the boy fell ill as the ship sailed toward Cagliaria in southern Sardinia. Published reports indicate that the ship’s medical crew cleared the boy to continue sailing. 

As of the most recent USA Today report, which was published 3 days ago, officials were still unclear as to the cause of the boy’s death. As the boy was taken from the ship, his family also disembarked and were quarantined at a medical facility in Sardinia. Authorities say that the quarantine is routine and lasted several hours. 

In an interview, MSC refused to disclose the boy’s symptoms to USA Today.