When Will Authorities Allow Crew Members To Disembark From the Sky Princess?

Crew members of the Sky Princess cruise ship have been aboard the ship for approximately 40 days, already several weeks longer than expected. And they are unsure exactly when they will be allowed to disembark from the ship and go home.

The Sky Princess is currently being held off the coast of Florida. According to crew member Dan Domenech, an entertainer aboard the ship, the workers cannot leave the vessel due to a prohibition by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“The (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is not letting us off the ship,” he told WFTV. This, despite the fact that Domenech claims the crew members have done everything that the CDC asked them to do in order to be cleared of any suspicion of coronavirus infection. “We did a 14-day quarantine. We wear masks every time we leave our rooms. Anything from a runny nose to a scratchy throat gets recorded,” he said.

Domenech reports that even the U.S. citizens aboard the ship are not allowed to leave. He says they have been waiting for over a week to get the go-ahead to disembark, but so far they have not received any indication exactly when they will be allowed to go home.