What Injuries At Nursing Homes Can Be The Basis For A Lawsuit?

When a family decides to put a nursing home in charge of their loved one’s care, they are entrusting that facility with tremendous responsibility. Though most nursing homes discharge their duties responsibly most of the time, there are nevertheless thousands of cases of nursing home abuse and neglect reported every year. 

In this video, Miami injury attorney Jack Hickey discusses the kinds of injuries that can be the basis of nursing home lawsuits. 

Hickey says that the most common cases involve residents who are ignored. For instance, when residents are not moved frequently enough they can develop ulcers that can become infected. This infection can travel to the blood, causing sepsis, which can be fatal. 

Hickey says that another issue in nursing homes are falls. Residents need constant care and supervision in order to prevent falls, and should be given medical treatment immediately after suffering a fall. When nursing home workers fail to protect residents from falls, and fail to get them the treatment they need following a fall, the residents’ health outcomes can be significantly impaired. 

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