What Cruise Ship Injuries Constitute a Lawsuit?

Retired couple smiles on board a cruise ship in MiamiCruise ships are overflowing with activities to keep the whole family entertained. They’re also full of potential dangers that lead to severe injury or death. From slip and fall accidents to Legionnaire’s Disease, there is a wide range of instances that can lead to a cruise ship injury. However, not all damages constitute a lawsuit against the cruise line. 

Minor injuries that don’t require medical care or heal rather quickly may not constitute a lawsuit. Claims against notable cruise lines typically involve serious, life-long injuries or death. Some of the common injuries involved in these lawsuits include: 

Sexual Assault and Rape 

Cruise lines often don’t run thorough background checks on the personnel they hire to keep the passengers onboard “safe.” Rape, sexual assault, and battery happen on cruise ships, and it’s critical to follow the appropriate steps to hold both the perpetrator and the cruise line accountable for these egregious crimes.

Stroke, Heart Attack, and Onboard Medical Malpractice

The medical professionals on a cruise ship are typically not licensed to practice in the United States, which means they may not have adequate training to handle serious medical concerns. Onboard medical malpractice includes a variety of circumstances such as failure to recognize the signs of a life-threatening illness or condition including stroke, heart attack, and an allergic reaction. 

Broken Bones, Shoulder Injuries, and More 

Passengers of any age can experience broken bones, and musculoskeletal injuries can be caused by any number of factors on a cruise ship. Slip and fall accidents are perhaps the most common, but these injuries can also occur while you’re participating in an excursion activity such as ziplining, parasailing, or a rock-climbing wall. 

Catastrophic Injuries and Death

Damage to the brain, neck, back, or spinal cord can result in lifelong consequences, leaving some injured victims in a wheelchair and unable to work or enjoy a decent quality of life. Other times, cruise ship accidents cause fatal injuries, in which case a wrongful death lawsuit is filed against the cruise line or appropriate party. The causes of catastrophic injuries and death on board a cruise ship can range from drownings to escalator or elevator accidents and poor lighting and maintenance. 

Food-Borne Illness and Legionnaire’s Disease  

Similar to the medical care providers on a cruise ship, the chef and staff that handle the food may not be adequately trained or follow the appropriate food safety standards. Food poisoning can easily happen as well as allergic reactions, which could be due to staff members ignoring a request or warning of a severe allergy. The over-service of alcohol can also lead to many injuries.  

Legionnaire’s disease can quickly spread through a cruise ship through hot tubs, swimming pools, air conditioners, and other areas that involve water and mist. The medical condition is caused by the bacteria “Legionella” and causes flu-like symptoms. This condition is most concerning for adults 50 and older, which is a typical age for cruise passengers. 

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