What Are the Most Common Jet Ski Accidents?

South Florida is arguably the boating capital of the United States. Every year thousands of people flock to the area to take in the sun and engage in outdoor activities, including renting personal watercraft such as jet skis.

While most of these rentals go off without a hitch, many of the renters are improperly trained on how to operate the vehicles. This can sometimes have disastrous consequences.

In this video Miami Maritime attorney Jack Hickey discusses the most common types of jet ski accidents.

He says that people often rent the jet skis from rental services, and according to Florida statute the services are supposed to train people on how to operate the jet skis. When the services do not adequately train the renters collisions can be the result. Sometimes two jet skis may collide with each other or the jet skis may collide with another vessel or a stationary object such as a bridge support.

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