What are the Different Types of Distracted Driving?

There are three types of distracted driving:

  • Visual. This includes anything that takes your eyes off of the road
  • Manual. This includes anything that takes your hands off of the wheel
  • Cognitive. This includes anything that takes your mind off of the road

Individually, these types of distractions are dangerous and often fatal. Very few types of distraction are fully embedded in just one of these categories, however, making most forms of distracted driving a threat on multiple levels.

Combined Distractions

Cellphone use is the most often cited type of distracted driving. Indeed, Florida joined 44 other states in 2019 by making cellphone use while driving a primary offense. It is important to focus on the dangers cellphones pose while driving. It is foolish, however, to believe they are the only – or even the worst – offenders.

Cellphone use is a trifecta, taking your eyes, hands, and mind off of the task of operating a vehicle. But so too is eating and drinking, Using GPS or maps, grooming yourself, or adjusting onboard electronics like the radio. These, like cellphone use, are forms of distracted driving that combine visual, manual, and cognitive distraction to form one huge threat for everyone else on the road. They should be avoided by all responsible drivers.

Responsible drivers are able to avoid causing distracted driving accidents. They may not be able to avoid being struck by a distracted driver. In these cases, you will want an attorney on your side as soon as possible to help ensure you are provided maximum compensation.

Distraction is not always identified as a cause of accidents. Your attorney will investigate your accident to determine if any type of distraction played a role, allowing her or him to build a strong case for full compensation. Before you accept an insurance offer, talk to one of the experienced attorneys at Hickey Law Firm to learn more about your rights, your options, and the best path forward.

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