Viral Video Shows Florida Man Crashing A Boat Into A Marina

A Florida man has gone viral after crashing a boat into a marina. reports that 32-year-old Brandan Sheridan was apparently drunk when he crashed a boat into at least one other vessel and then into Bayfront Park Marina in Sarasota on Saturday. People can be heard screaming as Sheridan initially strikes the boat, and instead of easing up on the throttle, he instead apparently gives the boat more power, running into the marina.

Newsweek quotes Kayla McLaughlin, a witness to the incident, as saying “It was just coming for all the boats and everyone on the boat next to him screaming ‘Shut it off, shut it off.” 

Following the crash, police arrested Sheridan and charged him with several counts including boating while under the influence with property damages. 

Authorities have not released a monetary estimate of the damage that Sheridan caused.