Video: Two Men Jump In Water to Save Cruise Passenger Who Fell from Dock

A woman in a wheelchair fell off a cruise ship dock in St. Thomas earlier this week, and was quickly saved by two local Good Samaritans. She was traveling on a cruise ship and had disembarked from the ship when she unexpectedly fell into the water. 

Two local entertainers saw the woman and immediately jumped in to help her. They were able to pull her to safety relatively quickly, and it appears that the woman did not suffer any serious injuries as a result of the ordeal.

Initially rescuer Randolph Donovan jumped into the water to assist the woman, securing her in life preserver. Afterward Kashief Hamilton, who was a DJ at an event that some of the cruise goers were attending, jumped in to assist Donovan and the woman. 

Both men are being hailed as heroes. Local senator, Kurt Vialet, told Fox News that the men’s actions “saved her life and makes you feel good about being a Virgin Islander.”

Vialet wrote on Facebook that “Everyday heroes with unassuming personalities live among us!”